This is the Grown-Up Version of Those Metal Model Airplanes You Had as a Kid

I speak of none other than Enplaned. This is blogging at its finest. It’s like the Wall Street Journal reporter on the airline beat does after-hours blogging after stiff shots of Grey Goose: smart, detailed, and a lucidity that only comes from knowing about a lot of bodies but being so inebriated that propriety no longer restrains.

For a prime example of the nerdy excellence that is Enplaned, try this riveting tail of how Sky West went double-or-nothing on a losing bet and walked away as the largest regional airline in the US. Or how ’bout a veritable composite/steel cage fight between the new Airbus A350 and the new Boeing 787M heavies, replete with an unplanned deviation into the fabled “second-mover advantage”.

January 19th, 2006 | Blogosphere, Flat, Media, Miscellaneous, Transparency, Unbelievable