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Not everybody has the time to keep track of the world’s greatest game before the greatest moments of the greatest game. Like college, you wake up one morning and do the calculations to arrive at the inevitable conclusion: with kickoff Friday, it’s cram time. Don’t fret, my pet. One time for your mind, I present my official suppliers of soccer knowledge, selectively culled from the best of my OPML file for your education and enjoyment. Fire up your RSS reader and subscribe away.

For the those facing imminent world cup widowhood, my wife and I worked up another cheat sheet just for you.

World Cup background: ESPN & National Geographic

The International Herald Tribune, and in particular the best soccer writer on the planet, Rob Hughes . (feed) (exemplary article)

The Guardian spots up perhaps the best Anglo-centric analysis and opinion. (feed) (exemplary article)

American soccer coverage sucks. It’s getting better, but still. Thank goodness for bloggers who run down every single soccer story written or involving Americans. Well, okay, thank just one: du Nord. (feed) (exemplary post)

For your doses of snark and sniping, only one word suffices: Deadspin. (feed) (exemplary post)

Any peanut gallery commentator knows that the bite is best backed with stats. Climbing the Ladder obliges. (feed) (exemplary post)

First rule of telling a story? Keep it personal, like This is American Soccer. (feed) (exemplary post)

Keep track of what I find interesting with my soccer bookmarks.

As a final note, for those of you who hate on the American game, check out this highlight reel of goals from last week’s MLS fixtures. Nice. Still think it’s a keeper’s league and not a scorer’s league? Now keep in mind these are scored without the benefit of the baker’s dozen or so world-class players competing in the World Cup who normally also contribute to this action.

June 6th, 2006 | Blogosphere, Flat, Soccer

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