The Garden of 3d3N

Context: the release of iTunes U, and a subsequent discussion of the suitability of Digital Rights Management applied to educational content.

Remember people, I slog throught these wastelands to bring you gold!

[Continued after break due to suitably adult language]

The whole tree of knowledge debacle was all about this.

God is all like “No distribution of my IP”.
Then the Snake is all like “I haves the 0-day”.
And then Eve is all like “Adam, dude, here’s a torrent”.
Adam to Eve “No way, God will totally rootkit our ass”.
Eve back to Adam “Chillax, guy”.
Then Adam is like “K”.
And God totally kickbans them from the server.

Bonus: “I kicked Bono’s ass at Warcraft III!”

February 10th, 2006 | Magic, Quote, Unbelievable

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