Tisdale 2004 Merlot

I have encountered the first wine in which the taste was made better by the price. Approximately twice the goodness of the sensory taste is accomplished by the price of $4.99 for the bottle. A decent, unoffensive, slightly spicy wine that is lifted from the humdrum by an extraordinary discount. Mmmmmmm, frugaliscious.

April 14th, 2006 | Wine | 1 comment

La Vieelle Ferme Cotes Du Ventoux 2003

Since I tend to sit on my writings for longer than I should, the datedness of the following review is duly noted. However, since Detroit is still at the top of the league with a sizzling 32-5, it’s appropriate to revisit the defending champs in a wine review…

As Detroit bore down and sealed Game 4 of the NBA Finals in the fourth quarter, I broke out the penultimate glass of La Vieelle Ferme Cotes Du Ventoux. Danny Arroyo, dubbed “The Human Victory Cigar” by Al Michaels, checked in so a celebration was in order. Unexpectedly, the robustness in the initial taste caused the sad, weary face of Tim Duncan to gain a pathos that hitherto eluded him. He’s human, and though strong, still fallible.

Not to draw too closely here, but the wine was the same. The strength was in the spice, a rich and clearing burn down the whole throat. The roof of my mouth is still tingling. But outside of that shock, small hints of the grape and of the wood failed to give muscle to the taste.

Detroit played a perfect game, so my standards were high. Fewest turnovers in a Finals game. Given that this was 1.5 liters for 13 dollars at the Mountain Market, I can’t complain. But I think the French to be more memorable when they act peculiar.

January 20th, 2006 | NBA, Wine | 1 comment