April Fools on You, Wonkette (and Kos, and …)

“Snobs say they have the right kind of hat; prigs say they have the right kind of head.”
—G.K. Chesterton

A blogger on the Daily Kos blog wrote that “it’s unlikely to have been a Photoshop job,” while a blogger for Wonkette wrote that the photo “proves without doubt that Karl Rove is illegally running all the White House e-mail through a private company.”
—Chattanooga Times Free-Press

I smell right-wing conspiracy.

No actually, scratch n sniff that. I smell my friend Josiah Roe & his gang back in Chattanooga pulling an absolutely stunning April Fools joke via a cleverly-executed underground web campaign.

The abbreviated version: Copix punks Wonkette; Christians may have a sense of humor; popping noises heard up and down both coasts.

Josiah, the face behind the April Fools joke, is just a dude. I became friends with him at our undergraduate alma mater. Not even native to Chattanooga. But the ‘Nooga is a place where you can make friends, like Gid and Ron. It has the resources, infrastructure, talent, unpretentiousness, and pragmatism to be the birthplace of this type of tweaking of the establishment. These guys are not the establishment, they’re not part of anybody’s political machine. Josiah drinks bourbon, swears, and goes to church. He’s not a Mason or Shriner, but he does drive a silly scooter. He just got together with some friends who live in his neighborhood and conspired to cause mischief. The web enables local mischief to turn into global (okay, maybe just national) mischief. Amen.

Like Hugh from gapingvoid says, a well-executed blogging campaign is an act of love; it’s not about manipulation, but about what happens when real friends with real lives use the internet for something that they find meaningful. Tweaking politicians, and the people who rabidly froth at them, I fully endorse as meaningful.

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The Gospel of Judas

I read the gospel of Judas today. I was disappointed. Perhaps my standards for heresy are too high. When I first read about this YAGG (Yet Another Gnostic Gospel, not to be confused with the earlier ‘revolutionary’ gospels of Thomas, Mary, the Savior, Peter, et al), off my imagination lifts, fancying over the Pythagorean influence, the enchanting Egyptian cultic rituals, the deep, Matrix-y suspicions that things aren’t how they seem, etc. All I get is a few little number tricks and some self-generating-emination dude named Saklas. Hell, Borges’ fiction is more pruriently believable than this dross. Why can’t the secret, forbidden knowledge be more exciting???!!!

Additionally, I have also concluded that Scientology is a new Gnosticism, based on similarities between their cosmologies. In reading the gospel of Judas, the full picture of what L. Ron Hubbard was striving to capture all those years quickly appeared.

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