“We Purchase, They Benefit”: Ah, The Irony of Philanthropic Consumerism

Just in case everybody out there failed to realize from my previous post how awesomely great of an idea the One Laptop Per Child project is, I’m bringing it up again.

You just give a kid a computer and expect them to learn? Yes, you do. When the computer is always available and forever patient, curiosity and socialization take over and do what a normal classroom can never achieve: self-motivated learning. The Hole in the Wall puts a computer into a hole in the wall of a poor third-world city. Their findings are startling and fascinating.

I’ve signed up to pay $300 for the $100 laptop (mentioned earlier here) that MIT is producing for the developing world. We only need ~99,000 more people to sign up to reach our self-determined tipping point. One sweet piece of kit for me, one for the kids, and $100 for the administrative overhead that changing the world requires.

November 11th, 2005 | olpc | No comments