While I’m At It, Bravo Mr. Bob Costas…

Consider this my abtruse contribution to the subcurrents debate.

Bravo, Mr. Costas, for not participating in the life-destroying emotional pornography that is cable news coverage. Don’t confuse it with the vapid, Romanesque-in-the-decline-and-fall-of-the-empire-sense nightly network news, which posses its own set of evil. There sadly seems to be enough of that to go around.

Reminds me of what I said in the beginning of this blog.

My hope for the future? The internet (eg blogging), might enable our scale and life to return to a more human size. Filtering and editing is an act of a wisdom that we lack at the moment.

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Where Did My Technology Mojo Go?

Not much blogging on the normally fecund science/technology front lately.

Part of it has been the tension at work over our immenent Worsite/Outlook conversion. I think I’ve been subconsciously escaping and distressing with the silly posts about the NBA, Airwolf, and Zombies. And then I took a vacation.

I’ve been fairly blasť regarding most news of the last month. Google Earth caught my eye, and was good for a hour of fun with the wife and the “volcano” layer on Maui, but everyone else will probably talk about that. iTunes 4.9 with built-in podcast support is cool too, but being that the only podcast I listen too is Matty’s, this is neither affective nor notable.

So, what’s in the future? When I finish that neural net project, I’ll start learning Ruby. And when Apple introduces a new laptop, I’ll buy that, upgrade to Tiger, etc. What has caught my eye for the future is writing AJAX-enabled apps for our intranet using ASP.NET 2 with Atlas and AJAX.NET. I’ve come to realize that we will never be on the cutting edge of research, the new-new thing, but we can be on the cutting edge of adopting the best tools for the new-new thing. In other words, some people make new things up, others make tools for those new things, and others use those tools to make the same old thing, except better.

There are some personal projects I’m working on, but nothing ready for a first-look unveiling. My bookmarks for neural networks and books should point out where Iím going, though.

At work, not much is bloggable currently. Middle of a political and technical storm for an email/matter-centric km rollout. My boss has been doing stellar write ups and examinations of it, and we’re now poised to thrust the spear deep into the heart of bad workflow. Interesting, but not in my usual geek way.

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