Westward Ho!

I stop writing computer programs for lawyers tomorrow. I begin writing computer programs for intelligence agencies on Monday. I’ll leave the protective shadow of Lookout Mountain, bulwark against the storms from the West, and mush just that way, back to the flatlands and anvil thunderheads. New places and people beckon, and frankly, having failed to take radical action, I’ve disconnected already from the people and places here in the ‘nooga. Natural, not entirely good, and completely inevitable.

The mountains have been hazy the last week. Today I walked south from downtown to southside, and I could only make out the faintest looming mountain line in the sky two miles away. I picked up my car, clad in new klomppen so freash and so clean clean, and drove away.

My playlist for driving to and fro is as follows:

  1. Johnny Cash in Tennessee
    1. Live at Fulsom Prison
    2. Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan
    3. American Recordings
    4. American III
    5. American IV
  2. My Morning Jacket in Kentucky
    1. It Still Moves
    2. Z
  3. Sufjan Stevens in Illinoise
    1. Illinoise
    2. Avalanche
    3. Seven Swans
    4. Live at the Purple Door 12/20/2005
  4. Nelly in Missouri
    1. various singles of irreputable provenance and nature

    Obviously, two questions follow from this. First, does anyone know of high-quality MMJ live sets from the Z tour? Second, can a suitable replacement be found for Nelly repping Missouri?

    This move is also messing with my personal metanarrative. But I’ll touch on that later.

    July 21st, 2006 | Chattanooga, Identity, Jobs, Life, Lookout, Mountain, Music | 1 comment