On the Woes of Working on Enterprise Collaboration Software

Microsoft: “We have wikis in Sharepoint 2007!”
Translation: “We have hacked a SharePoint library to implement ~1/5 of the features that MediaWiki had in beta, and we only support the three percent of bog-standard html tags that our dancing monkey boy intern was able to implement between taking belly shots at the bars in Redmond. Have you seen the Aero-y powerpoint slide that says ‘Wiki!’ and the five shiny buttons on the edit panel yet?”

Of course, it’s my lot in life, and help (perpetually) just around the corner.

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Impressive List of Languages Ported to .NET Runtime

As Worf would say, most impressive.

A couple of thoughts. First, if you are designing stuff for the long term, going with one of these ports (eg a non-.NET-native language) should be considered. You always have the native runtime to fall back on. The reverse is true of C# thanks to Mono. Second, the .NET programming stack may now be officially certified as robust. Haters now dismissed, lesson over.

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