Less is Less

Smallest blog posts: now on Twitter.

I’ll get around to adding my tweets to the sidebar soon. WP 1.5 broke my layout editor.

Smallest thing done at work that I’m proud of: refactored nasty error page only a programmer could love (Look Ma, a stack trace in 18pt Courier bold!) into a quiet, reassuring css-based error page while keeping IE6 compatibility.

Smallest thing done at the house: removed the stump of an old railing post from the bottom of the stairs. It had been protruding, ugly and defiant as an nonmalignant tumor, since we moved in.

June 24th, 2008 | Flat, Identity, Life, Web | 2 comments


I think I may become a Michael Pollan groupie. And we are definitely starting a vegetable garden. My burning question, though, is whether to buy the ├╝ber-composter, with its German-engineered rollers and “compost tea” collector and primo price tag, or go DIY and face the consequences. Is it ridiculous to even have a $160 composter available to you, let alone to be contemplating the acquisition thereof? On the other hand, amen to good engineering and quick, smell-less urban composting.

The other, more speculative endeavor is turning our VW Jetta into a greaser. With diesel over $4, probably for the long term, refining our own fuel becomes viable. I have little question as to what is the responsible, virtuous course would constitute. But I look at the actuality of buying a biodiesel refiner and making our own fuel, I become incredulous at the surreality. Maybe that’s my cultural conditioning in specialization and consumption, something that, if current trends hold, becomes a liability and something to strive to throw off. But the wrestling remains.

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