Impressive List of Languages Ported to .NET Runtime

As Worf would say, most impressive.

A couple of thoughts. First, if you are designing stuff for the long term, going with one of these ports (eg a non-.NET-native language) should be considered. You always have the native runtime to fall back on. The reverse is true of C# thanks to Mono. Second, the .NET programming stack may now be officially certified as robust. Haters now dismissed, lesson over.

April 18th, 2006 | .NET, Computer, IT, Language, Microsoft, Technology | 6 comments

The Gospel of Judas

I read the gospel of Judas today. I was disappointed. Perhaps my standards for heresy are too high. When I first read about this YAGG (Yet Another Gnostic Gospel, not to be confused with the earlier ‘revolutionary’ gospels of Thomas, Mary, the Savior, Peter, et al), off my imagination lifts, fancying over the Pythagorean influence, the enchanting Egyptian cultic rituals, the deep, Matrix-y suspicions that things aren’t how they seem, etc. All I get is a few little number tricks and some self-generating-emination dude named Saklas. Hell, Borges’ fiction is more pruriently believable than this dross. Why can’t the secret, forbidden knowledge be more exciting???!!!

Additionally, I have also concluded that Scientology is a new Gnosticism, based on similarities between their cosmologies. In reading the gospel of Judas, the full picture of what L. Ron Hubbard was striving to capture all those years quickly appeared.

April 13th, 2006 | Flat, Language, Magic, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Transparency, Unbelievable | 1 comment