Less is Less

Smallest blog posts: now on Twitter.

I’ll get around to adding my tweets to the sidebar soon. WP 1.5 broke my layout editor.

Smallest thing done at work that I’m proud of: refactored nasty error page only a programmer could love (Look Ma, a stack trace in 18pt Courier bold!) into a quiet, reassuring css-based error page while keeping IE6 compatibility.

Smallest thing done at the house: removed the stump of an old railing post from the bottom of the stairs. It had been protruding, ugly and defiant as an nonmalignant tumor, since we moved in.

June 24th, 2008 | Flat, Identity, Life, Web | 2 comments

Can’t Stop This [Updated]

For the first eighteen years of my life that I was responsible for my bathing, it was done in the morning, every morning. Forced to awaken before dawn, hours not deigned by God or the sun but certainly by the demands of my strict education, I warmed up to the day with running water. Then came college, and the subsequent experimentation with bohemian habits of cleanliness. The summer I lifeguarded, I would go weeks without a specific scrubbing.

Now, though, a day after my quadcentennial, I must find myself anew amidst the spray. Time, timeliness, timelessness, all aspects of a shower, require a short periodicty. But the phase must be shifted, as befits my new-found cellular maturity. I, Noel Weichbrodt, have resolved to bath once a day, in the evening.

The best song on the new Root’s album is the last one.

[Link fixed] Can’t Stop This.

September 29th, 2006 | Identity, Life, Music | 4 comments