Homeschooling & Higher Education: Hard Data and Open Source Theory

I talked to my dad the other night for Mother’s Day. He had dinner that weekend with a professor from LeTourneau University. My dad, ever the burgenoning educrat, asked one of his favorite questions: “how can you prepare your kid to succeed in college?” The professor’s answer was to focus on two things: science and reading. Additionally, he said, you should homeschool.

They did a survey last year that measured the relationship between the need for remedial math & english, and the type of high school attended. The rough numbers were: 60% of public school students required remedial courses, 30% of private school students, and 4% of home school students.

Ted Leung and his wife Julie are the two home school advocate on my blog radar. Ted even draws similarities between open source and homeschooling. Interesting. I confess that I do indeed have designs to teach my kids Squeak or Logo when the reach “a certain age of maturity”, to quote Issac Hayes.

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