Brainstorming the Social Bookmarking Law Firm Intranet

How can social bookmarking benefit the lawyers and their staff? Thanks to Jon Udell for asking the question. My beginning thought is this: if I gave my users a social bookmarking button on their IE toolbar (no, not those buttons), what would compel them to begin using it, and what sort of compelling network effects would emerge upon use?

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Job Opening: Network Systems Engineer

NETWORK SYSTEMS ENGINEER- Local law firm seeking a professional to fill a Network Systems Engineer position. Candidate must have good written and verbal communication skills, 5 years relevant experience, be a responsible and motivated individual, and well versed in all aspects of Windows and IP networks.

Also, the servers have to like you as a person. As do we.

The office in question has a window with a nice street view.

Leave a comment if you have a lead, or email noel dot elissa at gmail dot com.

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