In which that $88,000 education in philosophy really proves useful. Thanks, Josiah + Sarah.



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Cat In Heat, Racoon Threatening Landlord

Domestic life has been interesting lately. The cat was in heat last week. It’s her first developmental milestone with us. We had the sex talk, and that went well. She’s quite affectionate, but very moody, being awash in hormones. She doesn’t know what exactly she wants, but she wants it bad. She softly talks to herself all day and all night, crawling around on her belly and doing pull-ups on the furniture.

In other wildlife news, the landlady called Elissa and said “We’ve had some trouble with a raccoon. Can you have [the landlord] call home when he gets there [to install a quite-welcome A/C window unit]? I already tried paging him twice at Lowe’s but he didn’t answer.”

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