I think I may become a Michael Pollan groupie. And we are definitely starting a vegetable garden. My burning question, though, is whether to buy the ├╝ber-composter, with its German-engineered rollers and “compost tea” collector and primo price tag, or go DIY and face the consequences. Is it ridiculous to even have a $160 composter available to you, let alone to be contemplating the acquisition thereof? On the other hand, amen to good engineering and quick, smell-less urban composting.

The other, more speculative endeavor is turning our VW Jetta into a greaser. With diesel over $4, probably for the long term, refining our own fuel becomes viable. I have little question as to what is the responsible, virtuous course would constitute. But I look at the actuality of buying a biodiesel refiner and making our own fuel, I become incredulous at the surreality. Maybe that’s my cultural conditioning in specialization and consumption, something that, if current trends hold, becomes a liability and something to strive to throw off. But the wrestling remains.

April 23rd, 2008 | Flat, Food, Life

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