My Kind of 3rd World Aid

The MIT Media Lab blows a lot of hot air, but occasionally gets into something interesting. Negroponte et al have designs for a $100 laptop to give to 15 million poor kids. Before you poo-poo it, think: the network is the computer. With built-in next-gen wi-fi, ad-hoc networking ability, and internet connection sharing, these laptops will wire together and together march onto the internet.

We’re networking 15 million kids across the globe together.

The poor are defined as those who lack resources. Hey Brazillian street kid: here’s 15,000,000 resources. Hey Honduran farmer kid: here’s a thingy that can be the Farmer’s Almanac, 21-century style. Hey Congolese orphan kid: here’s a way to inform the planet about your situation and story, something that hasnít been heard in over a hundred years.

This is The Young Ladies Illustrated Primer in real life.

$100 laptops + Social web + 15 million fresh faces? Technology that brings freedom. That’s what I’m talking about.

October 25th, 2005 | Computer, Creative, Current, Flat, olpc, Science, Technology, Unbelievable

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