Mexico 1-2 USA

Let us enumerate how deeply the USA took ownership of Mexico today in soccer. Gold Cup, baby.
Onyewu and Bocanegra own Mexico. All of it. Onyewu won every single challenge. Bocanegra faked Borgetti so badly Jared broke his own ankle. Then Omar Bravo subbed in. Then Cuahtemhoc Blaco subbed in. It was like watching 10-foot waves crash against a 100-foot granite cliff. Gives the waves 50 million years, and they might make headway. Unfortunately, the Mexican attack won’t hang around that long.

Jonathan “El Inspector” Spector treated Guardado like he does Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premier League: closing down, standing up, and not letting the ball get to him. I don’t even think this kid can legally take tequila shots in the USA!
Brian Ching started rusty, but by the middle of the second half not only wreaked havoc among the Mexican back line (as he had been doing the entire game), but took full advantage of it (finally!). When will we realize that he is a player who sets up our attacking midfielders better than any other forward we have? Ching to Beasley. Ching to Dempsey. Ching to Donovan. That’s how you play with aloha.

Bob “Crazy Eyes” Bradley won this match. Hugo Sanchez and Bradley talk every Sunday when Sanchez calls back home to his daddy. Just listen to Timmy Howard credit Bradley in his postgame interview. Motivating the team to stay together in the face of a ravenous mexican attack (both teams best show of the tournament by far), gutsy switch with in the first half with Donovan and Dempsey swapping positions, inspired sub at half-time (Ricardo Clark for veteran Pablo Maestroni), and then class play by his team at the end to hold the win.

We are completely inside Mexico’s head! When we score, they can’t deal with it! It’s like a glitch in the Matrix!
The only player who did not crack under the mental torture of the USA play was Nery Castillo. The boy is a mexican-greecian god. I will be cursing this kid for the next 15+ years.

June 24th, 2007 | Hawaii, Soccer

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