Luciano Emilio: A Star in the Making

You may not care that the 2007 MLS season started. That’s fine; I do, but hey, there’s a lot of haters out there too. But all of us, every one, should be writing to our national celebrity knighters: Luciano Emilio of D.C. United must become a superstar. As of now, only one media outlet has realized this: But if you watch, and then, compelled by the magnetic personality of this newly-imported Brasilian magician you too will instantly and certainly agree with me on the matter of making Emilio a superstar, the outtakes from his video spots promoting Bobby’s site, the matter bears absolutely no further questioning.

Don’t bother reading that last sentence again. Just watch this man. This beguiling Brasilian and his charming accent has won my, and mine house’s, heart. Luciano Emilio, you will be a superstar. Even if you keep introducing yourself as “Bob Bossswell“. The fashion-forward moustache. His 1,000 peso thighs. The way he lulls the ball to sleep with his silky touch, and then whispers it into the goal with the force that most men must shout to use.

Superstar, I’m telling you now. Huge.

May 14th, 2007 | Soccer

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