Houston 1836 [Hearts] Hispanics

Those that don’t know history are doomed to react against it.

For the other side of things, check out the threads in Soccer y Futbol, Du Nord, and the Houston local forums, among others.

I don’t often call this type of thing out, but it does seem apparent that New York acts a bit, oh, jealous, of Houston.

Why am I defending this team as my own? History, again. In 1836 Sam Houston and the other Tennessee Volunteers (Samuel Austin, Davey Crockett, etc) answered the call of the Tejanos and other freedom-loving Texans to form the new Texas national government and army (after they wrote their Declaration of Independence, which was in Spanish btw).

Finally, My boys on 2C might want to peruse this amazing bio of one of their namesake legends, Seguin.

Background: Houston has a new-to-them Major League Soccer team, newly dubbed Houston 1836 after the year of the city’s founding.

January 27th, 2006 | Soccer

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