Considered the Following During 2012-07-21

  • Happy 3rd to Z, my watchful engineer. #
  • Kudos, @pistl street sign yarn bomber! #
  • Nope, time to buy some real ones or disassemble an old woofer. #
  • Why I'm not happy with the healthcare I already have, and don't want to keep it: posted to Posts on @Quora #
  • Apartment fire on Lindell bt Vanderventer & Sarah w/ 3 ladder trucks & 4 FDs responding. #
  • Assume @ohlydiano is waiting at the airport with Chardonnay & a study bible to welcome Lin… #
  • “@ChrisKulczycki: Italian village of Corigliano d'Otranto appoints a municipal philosopher…” #
  • Maximize the benefit of federal IT spending by copyrighting government-developed software under an open source license. #
  • “…petty pronoun policing is rendered completely useless…” #

July 21st, 2012 | Memory

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