Considered the Following During 2010-08-21

  • Driving is why you're fat. #
  • Want to buy my car? 2004 Volkwagen Jetta GL TDI 5-spd manual 88,833mi $8,900. Meticulously maintained. #
  • Now playing at the VW dealer showroom: "The Final Countdown" by Europe. Now awaiting GOB to drive our new car through the showroom window. #
  • I owe City Diner $12.47 because I didn't have cash to pay after stopping by there to pick up dinner after buying my new car. #facepalm #
  • sorry @arcadefire, but @cscottjazz brings the heat on the best protest music of the year. #
  • “@caschlecht: Stop mistreating & mass-producing chickens; you'd face fewer outbreaks of Salmonella. This is called natural consequences.” #
  • Unexpectedly attending @stldodn this morning. #
  • First lolz of #stldodn "Has anyone's Exchange server ever made them money?" #
  • Downloading @brianblanchard's #Azure dev vm. Future looks cloudy. Thanks man! #
  • "She had a gambling addiction, but I had a comps addiction." #
  • Lamer than going to a casino nightclub? Having to wait in a giant line of, um, homely geeks to get in to the nightclub. #

August 21st, 2010 | Memory