Considered the Following During 2010-08-07

  • Kinfolk loving @Schlafly APA at the family reunion after briscuit & smoked chicken. #
  • “@meaganbrooks: Sharks have a week dedicated to me.” #
  • If you want to crib, @3rdspace and I have sample Rep and Dem ballots for state & University City (D1) elections today. #
  • #propc is de jure political logic: "We must do something! This is something! Therefore we must do it!" Waste of time/$ to no effectual end. #
  • Eerie that @stickwithmebaby in Barcelona nailed my hair. Big Mac applied to my 13" mbp. #
  • The %s are debatable & the TARP/ARRA rollback silly, but Paul Ryan's Roadmap
    for America’s Future carries a nice tune. #
  • Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America "has significant problems. It achieves savings by indexing smaller than est. growth." #
  • Does anybody have a pitch email to their bosses/corporate overlords for @strangeloop_stl funding? Writing mine now. #
  • Broke my ant build script again. Google-Fu, don't fail me now! #arrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #
  • Monads are: spacesuits, endofunctors, elephants, burritos. Monads are not: mozarkite, feral, mass drivers, ponies. #lambdalounge #
  • So it's public domain, but still classified? DISOO, please step in and end the madness, lest we continue the ostrich pose #
  • I Was a Strange Loop. Regarding the two-day geek rapture of @strangeloop_stl last year. #

August 7th, 2010 | Memory