Considered the Following During 2010-06-06

  • St. Louis has the 21st highest density of smart people in the country. /via @rands #
  • "The future, the sustainable one, is going to be made by those who had all taken away from them." /via @TIAS #
  • We scored @meganbrooks! RT @rcai: excited that @meaganbrooks is coming with me to STL to meet @noelweichbrodt, @3rdspace, et al #
  • Inadvertently discovered that Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) has 6 more songs that I somehow missed! Presumed a concise EP all this time! #
  • Alfred, prepare my 1994 Staten Island wayback machine! #protectyaneck #ripODB #
  • “its language grants and guarantees many good things, things that compete with each othr and can never all be realized" #
  • Antinomies are music to my ears. Rock on, Souter. Here's to Constitutional hermeneutics grounded in reality. #
  • In case you find yourself stuck in #tfs admin hell, break glass to access this link: #
  • Late leaving work for #lambdalounge because I was making something AWESOME. #
  • Korean soccer penguins /via @IBleedOrange: The penguins look much more confused about the proceedings than the humans. #
  • I happily imagine all the injured players who are out of #wc2010 get together in someone's den to watch the games. Ballack brings popcorn. #
  • The dolphins were just waiting for us to invent the iPad. /via @caschlecht #
  • Teared up reading @sidlowe relate what future superstars meant to their youth coaches. Messi, Torres, Rooney, Tevez… #
  • Yep. Grey Fox. #

June 6th, 2010 | Memory