Bob Bradley to Europe? Shamelessly Jumping the Gun

Bob Bradley: begin the hype.

Seriously, this guy is truth.School is in. He just put on a clinic in how to break down a bunker-10 midfield dogfight against El Salvador in the last Gold Cup group game yesterday. No goals conceded in the tournament so far. Landon “Golden Boy” Donovan playing in his best form. 45 players with caps so far under his watch; no losses. Open, attacking soccer. Switching his players from a 4-3-2-1 Christmas tree to a Total Football 4-3-3 to a English attacking 4-4-2 by the end of the game, without skipping a beat.Like Chuck Norris, Bob has two facial expressions.
Bob Bradley's Eagle GazeThe steely, laser-eyed, tight-jawed eagle-gaze.
Bob Bradley Smiles. Hide the kids.The slightly horrifying half-grimace half-smirk. Kids, don’t let him look you in the eyes.
Maybe he’s not the coach for our next World Cup…because he’s too good to stay put.

Somewhere in his secret Siberian lair, Roman Abromovich puts down the tube of Cristal-laced Gogurt, looks away from the 20-foot impossibly thin TV and picks up his impossibly black cell phone. “Voo iz dis. Vind dis mann. Now. Vee must geet heem. Dah.”

Just sayin’.

June 13th, 2007 | Soccer