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Noel Weichbrodt
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The cringe-inducing one-liner:
Writing web apps for the intelligence community

Life Map

Born in Colorado, grown in Oklahoma, proud ex-Texan, and sometimes-proud alumni of Covenant College (B.A. Philosophy, B.A. Information & Computer Science; 2004). Lives in University City, Missouri and works as an Software Developer for the third largest member of the military-industrial complex. Prone to puns and philosophizing about where he lives. Does not normally write in third person, but does try to use the blog as an outlet for experimentation of that and other natures.

Currently lives in .NET (C#, ASP.NET, Javascript, T-SQL, XHTML, XML, etc). Educated in Java & C. Uses & endorses Apple products at home, but only for important stuff. What I write in code isn’t that exciting, but the problems are real and tangled.

Read, think, write, think, read, revise, think, rinse, repeat.